Rich Jesih

Warehouse-Logistics Supervisor. I am responsible for LabChem's warehouse and shipping operations for all domestic and international shipments.

How long have you been at LabChem and why?

March 2009

What is your background and what have you done at LabChem?

I majored in Graphic Arts and I've owned and sold a photography business. I joined LabChem in 2009 as a packaging technician and production mentor. I transferred to the warehouse and shipping department and after sometime I was promoted to Warehouse-Logistics Supervisor. I enjoy working with my employees to meet the expectations our customers deserve.

What keeps you going? What is your personal motivation?

My motivation is my family and friends. We enjoy spending quality time together every Sunday for dinner (without cellphones and actually talking with each other)!

Anything else interesting for customers to know?

I love the beach, cooking, and I have an obsession with buying new cars. Humor is the best medicine!