Sara Galimberti

University of Pisa, Italy

CURRENT POSITION: from 2017: Associate Professor in Blood Diseases at Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Section of Hematology, University of Pisa, Italy. Director of School of Specialization in Hematology at the University of Pisa.

STUDIES – 1992: degree in Medicine and Surgery; 1997: PhD in experimental medicine; 1999: specialization in hematology.

RESEARCH: From the 1994 Prof. Galimberti participated, often as P.I., to several national and international trials on acute leukemias, CML, MPNs, CLL, MM. From the 2001, Prof. Galimberti is the scientific responsible for the molecular laboratory of the Hematology Division; this laboratory is the referee for diagnostic molecular tests for all hospitals in the West coast of Tuscany and one of the 4 laboratories of the FIL MRD NETWORK, referee centers for the assessment of the minimal residual disease in the clinical trials coordinated by the Italian Foundation for Lymphoma Studies (FIL). Prof. In CML, Prof. Galimberti is involved in the Gimema Labnet network and performed many studies about mutations, polymorphisms and resistance to TKIs. In these years Prof. Galimberti is involved in the EUROGRAFT COST Action, where she developed the topic of new drugs for treating cGVHD.

Prof. Galimberti is author of more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and referee for several journals.

EXPERIENCES: Prof. Saglio’s laboratory, Orbassano (TO); Prof. Knutila’s laboratory, Helsinki, Finland; Prof. Nagy laboratory, Budapest, Hungary; Prof. Hellstrom- Lindberg’s and Prof. Hassan’s laboratory, Karolinska, Stochkolm, Sweden; MDACC Houston, USA; Moffit Cancer Center Tampa, USA.
COLLABORATIONS: Hematology Divisions of Modena, Reggio Calabria, Ancona, Cosenza, Catania, Roma, Perugia, Foggia, Torino, Pesaro, Bologna, Rionero in Vulture, Firenze, Siena.
Cytogenetic Laboratory of the Sammelweis University (Budapest,), molecular biology laboratory Kokaeli University, Turkey; Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden; NIH (Bethesda, USA), BC Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada; University of Birmingham, USA.
TEACHING ACTIVITY: blood diseases at the Medicine Faculty, Dietistics, Laboratory technicians– Director of School of Specialization in hematology – teacher at the school of specialization in Clinical Pathology, at the school of Doctorate in Genetics and Microbiology, in Neurosciences, in Biological Sciences, in Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine (GENOMEC), at
Master in pharmacology, biomarkers, and genetics.